Becoming offical

"We're gonna get along just fine"

After a few brief tense moments where it's unclear who's safe to trust, Millie manages to make to the DC and rejoin the team. We're taken to the VP's office where some high level people great us (like senators and Judges), and we're introduced to the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney.

We get a new recruit, Tain Ash he's apparently been in the intelligence community for awhile and this is just a lateral shift for him, he's not an outsider like us.  Well two with military history, and …. Millie with lots of personality.

We fill out some paperwork and are introduced to Terry our new handler, who tells us we need to follow up on the mysterious woman and her offer.  We fly out to the meeting point  [[Utica], New York.  The meeting place is in a club in down town, there will be people all over the place, and even communication will be difficult in all the noise.

Tain goes into the club early being the only one who would be unrecognized. Deloris and Millie cover the back and side exits. Ralph comes at the appointed time and makes contact at the bar.  Millie is approached by a man in the alley, they smoke and chit chat for a bit, he goes back inside.  Ralph exchanges the fake box for an envelope (supposedly with a Swiss bank account number in it). Tain notices someone else who's interested in Ralph's conversation and starts to approach him just as the mysterious woman gets up to go.

The man watching the exchange moves to intercept Ralph as he starts following the woman towards an exit. The same man enters the ally way and starts to approach Millie. She gets freaked out and pulls her gun, intending to arrest him. As  he continues to disobey orders to lie down, stay still, or drop what he's carrying,  Millie notices that the cigarette he was holding is now a sharpie. Fearing the worst she starts shooting at him.

The mysterious woman clears out of the club as the man watching intercepts Ralph and tries to give him additional code to access the account.  Tain holds off unsure what to do, while Deloris starts following the woman down the crowded street, to ensure she doesn't get away.  Finally Ralph moves around the man, and Tain moves to intercept. He grabs the guy and holds him against the wall as Ralph runs out to the street.

Millie fatal shoots sharpie guy, but her shots are ignored as a car comes whizzing down the packed road, and crashes into the mysterious woman fatally pining her to the wall, and almost clipping Deloris. The Drivers spill out onto the road and turn out to have Israeli diplomatic passports.  Millie calls into Terry to give a situation report and he reminds her they are not to be seen on camera.

Meanwhile in the club the man Tain was holding breaks out, and starts to run. After smashing Tain’s face with the kitchen door a few times, he slips out the back and makes it away. Tain leaves out the back of the club too.



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