Crash Aftermath

After the Mysterious Woman was rammed into a wall by a car, and the drivers are identified as Israeli Diplomats, we hightail it out of downtown Utica to prevent getting too much camera exposure.  We meet up with Tain and head to the hospital in the hopes of interrogating one of the people in the car.  We arrive at the Hospital and use some DHS weight to get us into see the suspect.  Ralph, starts to get insistent with the guy asking for sodium pentathol from the doctor (who refuses). Then the guy clams up and asks to leave.  Millie tries a softer approach as he leaves and gets his Name, Cell # and a picture of the woman, proving they knew about her before she "accidentally" became a hood ornament. After a long day the team retires to a local Best Western.

The next morning Ralph calls in his numbers to a Swiss Bank, and finds the account is actually just a message.  "You must stop New Lindow."  Simultaneously Millie calls the [[Mossad]] Agent XXXX and gets some info from him. He seems to indicate the Mysterious Woman worked for the Vatican and that he believes the Odessa Organization is real. Before we leave, we check out Sharpie Guy's car for anything useful and find nothing useful but we call it in to anylitical anyway. Then we head back to Walter Reed in DC to under go psychological evaluation.

After the tests, we find out Analytical has determined who Sharpie Guy was: XXXX but it's a dead end. No income, a sparse house in Brooklyn somewhere, no relatives.  We did find out that he goes to Paraguay a lot (according to his passport) and we find a novelty coin that points to a tourist attraction not far from there.  That tourist attraction is aGerman sub, that was uncovered by receding waters in the area. Supposedly grounded there, and uncovered a few years after WWII it might have smuggled some Germans out.  We track down down New Lindow to a town not too far from there in Argentina.  We decide to investigate.



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