New Lindow

After preparations, briefing, requisitions (including some new identities for two of our team members) and a general game plan, cover story, and a list of coded words, we set off for the tip of Argentina between Paraguay and Brazil.  First we flew to Sao Palo and then to Asuncion the Capitol of Paraguay.  From there we finished our purchases for surveillance, survival, and some weapons to defend ourselves with. We bought a pickup in ok condition and started making trails towards our destination, a little town off the grid, called New Lindow, an enclave suspected of harboring World War II Nazis.

We went off the beaten track between Encarnacion and the Dam farther up the road, where we found a barely used track that lead into the forest in the approximate direction we wanted to go.  We drove about 5 or 6 miles in (according to our GPS devices) and parked and hid the truck.  After marching for hours Ash (our point man) saw lights and radioed back he was on a ridge and could see the village.

We backtracked a bit to put a ridge between our camp and the town and camped dry.  I don’t think anyone was cheering about having to eat MREs but the choice was MRE or nothing…   The next day we hiked around the south side of the village to get up on higher ground for a better vantage point.

We identified the living quarters, a school, several greenhouses, a church, a garage, a power building, and a storage building (presumably cold storage as it was half buried). There are two buildings, we have not identified, both cinder block with high windows, those will probably be the subject of night time close up surveillance.The people seem to live simple lives, growing their own food, and meat (we did see livestock father on). They however speak a language none of us are familiar with, perhaps German, or some Scandinavian language. There seems to be no weapons visible, no security, and nothing suspicious going on.

We noticed an odd occurrence, a man (presumed military due to his fatigues and weapons) showed up in a plane, drove down to the village and took 6 aluminum cases from the central unidentified building back to the plane and he took off.  Weather he was he from New Lindow or an outsider is unclear. The residents seemed to show him little respect, but he did seem to greet some residents as he drove through town. Perhaps a grudging relationship with local rebels?

Investigation of the airfield proved fruitful. We identified another plane and a helicopter, as well as the storage location for building materials (windows, singles and the like).



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