New Lindow Retreat

Never leave a man behind

The team is scattered, paranoid, unsettled by some of the things they've seen, and about to start fighting for their lives.  While Alex is trying to "talk down" Millie to restore trust, Tain suddenly comes back on commo and reports in.  Tain has appearently found something in the half burried building, a submarine door leading down he's going to investigate, after setting up the cameras we brought.  Millie trys to connect to the wireless cameras and finds her laptop battery is dead…. all the batteries are dead.  The Satphone which Alex has doesn't work, nor does his flashlight. Millie decides to trust Alex again, but keeps a watchful eye on him, as they return to the hanger, start the Jeep there (by pushing it, it's a manual transmission) and bring it into the hanger.

Dolores makes contact over comms, she's lead back to the hanger where Millie is trying to jury rig a charger from the car's electrical system for the Satphone. She gets it to work just as Dolores asks where Tain is, and if the others herad the gunfire from town.  We suspect Tain has been captured or shot, which we report to Terry.  Terry says we must confirm his status before we leave.  Millie gets Tain to report in, he says he's holding off several people and stalling for time. Dolores and Millie hop into the Jeep to mount an attack while Alex moves to the ridge to act as sniper cover.

As Dolores rounds the corner into town driving the jeep, Tain says he's out of time and the heros hear a barrage of gun fire. Dolores Identifies two people on the roof of the have burried building and aims the Jeep at them.  Bothe Dolores and Millie buckle up.  Dolores crashes into the duo on the roof, and then the jeep falls through the roof of this building, landing on top of another truck, rolling off the side and hitting another in operable Jeep.

The crash almost kills Millie, Knocks Tain unconscience, and  causes significent damage to the building.  Alexs starts approaching the area unsure if anyone survived the calamity.  Dolores unbuckles and gets out of the sideways jeep to stablize Tain. Millie awakens and notices an unknown woman stiring from under the debris. Dolores takes a shot, and Millie takes two shots, all missing.  The woman's hands start to flame, with no apearnt source of ignition, nor does she seem bothered by her burning hands.  Dolores opens up full auto, and finally Millie kills her with another two shots.  Alex arives shortly there after, the Jeep battery is used to Jumpstart the Large Military type truck in the garage and the heros load up.  There's a brief discussion about taking a hostage alive, the flame wielding woman, which ends with Millie puts another two bullets into her.

As the heros leave town they are shot at a few times, but not pursued. after the short trip to the airfield, they steal the plane, load up and fly out.




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