New Lindow Sneak n Peek

If only it were that easy

We decide to go int and gather more info by a night time Sneak and Peek. Mission is set for 1am, and we're decided to tranq/detain anyone if managable, or abort and pull out with distraction. The distraction is 2 containers of fuel in the power plant building.  We get into the village, tranq a dog, and set our sabotage. Millie hacks the door panel and opens the central building, so Tain and Alex can go in.  Deloris stays on the ridge as lookout, and sniper.  Millie heads to the roof, and starts grouping the satalite dishes.  Inside the building Tain/Alex find an office like environment with a lab, and some storage areas, including a large walkin fridge/freezer.  Millie hears somone over the side of the roof, and sneaks a peek to see a resident apearently conversing with himself… or on a phone or something small enough it's hard to see from that angle. As Millie reports this he seems to respond to what she's saying and brings her to believe that the line has been comprimised. Further enforcing the assumption, Deloris says "SOCOM is too loud, turn it down." a code phrase that no one seems to understand, and the she takes her comm headset off.

That's when things start going down hill…. fast.  Millie calls an abort, grabs her stuff and goes over the edge of the roof, meeting Alex comming out of the building. Tain sayed behind in the building (Millie thinks he's been captured). Alex goes around the corner to investigate the civilian Millie had identified.  He doesn't return for some time, and now Millie starts panicing, she strikes out on her own towards the reandvous point. Taking cover behind the generator building as a Jeep leaves the building that Tain and Alex were in.  She continues the retreat when suddenly someone sets off the gasoline tanjs at the generator building.  The ensuing explosion and fireball wakes the entire community.

When Millie arrives at the camp site to find Deloris missing she now assumes she's the sole survivor of the team. She ransacks the camp site taking all the food, weapons, and the satphone then relocates to the hangers by the airport, which was the rendvous point.  She calls Terry to report the sitution.  Meanwhile the fire goes out unnaturally fast at the generator building, then surprisingly the lights come back on (in a funny pattern), the jeep that left town seems to return, and Deloris is seen walking into town as well. Alex appears on the ridge meeting up with Millie where he debriefs Terry via the sat phone. Millie divulges that she heard the civilian say something about being a telepath, and she gets increasingly conserned with the number of unusual events going on.

Deloris is confronted by a woman with flaming hands, and the lights go out in town again. Tain (who was driving the Jeep the whole time) seems to surrender but makes a break for it when the lights go out again. Tain & Deloris hide in buildings near the center of town.  Alex decides Millie is a danger and distracts her to attack her with a tranquilizer! Millie reacts by firing on Alex with a fully automatic burst from her AK-47. Having overcome the effects of the tranqulizer she flees into the tree line on the other side of the runway



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