Yuni (Kara) Kang

A short asian with a flair for fashion and shooting guns


AKA Millie Chin


Kara was the only child of a single mother, trying to raise a child in New York.  While her mom did the best she could, Kara basically raised herself on the streets. By junior high she was shoplifting and by High School she had juvenile record that would be sealed when she came of age.  She found she had a knack for computers and found it was also an easy way to make money, far less dangerous than trying to rob a liquor store (something she knew from personal experience).  She quickly found, in dangerous circles, it is better safe than sorry so she frequently is confrontational, abusive, or violent.

Kara is ashamed of who she is: Daughter of a Chinese-American immigrant who never turned out to be anything.  She tells people her name is Kara, to try and reduce the stigma of being Chinese. The land of opportunity is nothing but a pipe dream to her, and her ideals fall more along the lines of: Do what you must, and don't regret it. That's something her mother taught her. 

However, her criminal lifestyle did not mesh with her mother's ideals.  After a huge fight with her mom, she left on her 18th birthday and moved in with Tyrone her boyfriend and partner in crime at the time.  Kara tried to patch things up by sending cheques to her mother, to help her out. However, after years of them never being cashed she stopped sending them.  She hasn't spoken to her mother in several years, and no longer has any contact information on her.

Having money is hugely important as she has lived through periods in her life where she had very little.  She likes high fashion and likes to spend money shopping for clothes, and accessories. Her moderately successful criminal career took an abrupt turn when she was inducted into AFEPD

Yuni (Kara) Kang