New Lindow Retreat
Never leave a man behind

The team is scattered, paranoid, unsettled by some of the things they've seen, and about to start fighting for their lives.  While Alex is trying to "talk down" Millie to restore trust, Tain suddenly comes back on commo and reports in.  Tain has appearently found something in the half burried building, a submarine door leading down he's going to investigate, after setting up the cameras we brought.  Millie trys to connect to the wireless cameras and finds her laptop battery is dead…. all the batteries are dead.  The Satphone which Alex has doesn't work, nor does his flashlight. Millie decides to trust Alex again, but keeps a watchful eye on him, as they return to the hanger, start the Jeep there (by pushing it, it's a manual transmission) and bring it into the hanger.

Dolores makes contact over comms, she's lead back to the hanger where Millie is trying to jury rig a charger from the car's electrical system for the Satphone. She gets it to work just as Dolores asks where Tain is, and if the others herad the gunfire from town.  We suspect Tain has been captured or shot, which we report to Terry.  Terry says we must confirm his status before we leave.  Millie gets Tain to report in, he says he's holding off several people and stalling for time. Dolores and Millie hop into the Jeep to mount an attack while Alex moves to the ridge to act as sniper cover.

As Dolores rounds the corner into town driving the jeep, Tain says he's out of time and the heros hear a barrage of gun fire. Dolores Identifies two people on the roof of the have burried building and aims the Jeep at them.  Bothe Dolores and Millie buckle up.  Dolores crashes into the duo on the roof, and then the jeep falls through the roof of this building, landing on top of another truck, rolling off the side and hitting another in operable Jeep.

The crash almost kills Millie, Knocks Tain unconscience, and  causes significent damage to the building.  Alexs starts approaching the area unsure if anyone survived the calamity.  Dolores unbuckles and gets out of the sideways jeep to stablize Tain. Millie awakens and notices an unknown woman stiring from under the debris. Dolores takes a shot, and Millie takes two shots, all missing.  The woman's hands start to flame, with no apearnt source of ignition, nor does she seem bothered by her burning hands.  Dolores opens up full auto, and finally Millie kills her with another two shots.  Alex arives shortly there after, the Jeep battery is used to Jumpstart the Large Military type truck in the garage and the heros load up.  There's a brief discussion about taking a hostage alive, the flame wielding woman, which ends with Millie puts another two bullets into her.

As the heros leave town they are shot at a few times, but not pursued. after the short trip to the airfield, they steal the plane, load up and fly out.


New Lindow Sneak n Peek
If only it were that easy

We decide to go int and gather more info by a night time Sneak and Peek. Mission is set for 1am, and we're decided to tranq/detain anyone if managable, or abort and pull out with distraction. The distraction is 2 containers of fuel in the power plant building.  We get into the village, tranq a dog, and set our sabotage. Millie hacks the door panel and opens the central building, so Tain and Alex can go in.  Deloris stays on the ridge as lookout, and sniper.  Millie heads to the roof, and starts grouping the satalite dishes.  Inside the building Tain/Alex find an office like environment with a lab, and some storage areas, including a large walkin fridge/freezer.  Millie hears somone over the side of the roof, and sneaks a peek to see a resident apearently conversing with himself… or on a phone or something small enough it's hard to see from that angle. As Millie reports this he seems to respond to what she's saying and brings her to believe that the line has been comprimised. Further enforcing the assumption, Deloris says "SOCOM is too loud, turn it down." a code phrase that no one seems to understand, and the she takes her comm headset off.

That's when things start going down hill…. fast.  Millie calls an abort, grabs her stuff and goes over the edge of the roof, meeting Alex comming out of the building. Tain sayed behind in the building (Millie thinks he's been captured). Alex goes around the corner to investigate the civilian Millie had identified.  He doesn't return for some time, and now Millie starts panicing, she strikes out on her own towards the reandvous point. Taking cover behind the generator building as a Jeep leaves the building that Tain and Alex were in.  She continues the retreat when suddenly someone sets off the gasoline tanjs at the generator building.  The ensuing explosion and fireball wakes the entire community.

When Millie arrives at the camp site to find Deloris missing she now assumes she's the sole survivor of the team. She ransacks the camp site taking all the food, weapons, and the satphone then relocates to the hangers by the airport, which was the rendvous point.  She calls Terry to report the sitution.  Meanwhile the fire goes out unnaturally fast at the generator building, then surprisingly the lights come back on (in a funny pattern), the jeep that left town seems to return, and Deloris is seen walking into town as well. Alex appears on the ridge meeting up with Millie where he debriefs Terry via the sat phone. Millie divulges that she heard the civilian say something about being a telepath, and she gets increasingly conserned with the number of unusual events going on.

Deloris is confronted by a woman with flaming hands, and the lights go out in town again. Tain (who was driving the Jeep the whole time) seems to surrender but makes a break for it when the lights go out again. Tain & Deloris hide in buildings near the center of town.  Alex decides Millie is a danger and distracts her to attack her with a tranquilizer! Millie reacts by firing on Alex with a fully automatic burst from her AK-47. Having overcome the effects of the tranqulizer she flees into the tree line on the other side of the runway

New Lindow

After preparations, briefing, requisitions (including some new identities for two of our team members) and a general game plan, cover story, and a list of coded words, we set off for the tip of Argentina between Paraguay and Brazil.  First we flew to Sao Palo and then to Asuncion the Capitol of Paraguay.  From there we finished our purchases for surveillance, survival, and some weapons to defend ourselves with. We bought a pickup in ok condition and started making trails towards our destination, a little town off the grid, called New Lindow, an enclave suspected of harboring World War II Nazis.

We went off the beaten track between Encarnacion and the Dam farther up the road, where we found a barely used track that lead into the forest in the approximate direction we wanted to go.  We drove about 5 or 6 miles in (according to our GPS devices) and parked and hid the truck.  After marching for hours Ash (our point man) saw lights and radioed back he was on a ridge and could see the village.

We backtracked a bit to put a ridge between our camp and the town and camped dry.  I don’t think anyone was cheering about having to eat MREs but the choice was MRE or nothing…   The next day we hiked around the south side of the village to get up on higher ground for a better vantage point.

We identified the living quarters, a school, several greenhouses, a church, a garage, a power building, and a storage building (presumably cold storage as it was half buried). There are two buildings, we have not identified, both cinder block with high windows, those will probably be the subject of night time close up surveillance.The people seem to live simple lives, growing their own food, and meat (we did see livestock father on). They however speak a language none of us are familiar with, perhaps German, or some Scandinavian language. There seems to be no weapons visible, no security, and nothing suspicious going on.

We noticed an odd occurrence, a man (presumed military due to his fatigues and weapons) showed up in a plane, drove down to the village and took 6 aluminum cases from the central unidentified building back to the plane and he took off.  Weather he was he from New Lindow or an outsider is unclear. The residents seemed to show him little respect, but he did seem to greet some residents as he drove through town. Perhaps a grudging relationship with local rebels?

Investigation of the airfield proved fruitful. We identified another plane and a helicopter, as well as the storage location for building materials (windows, singles and the like).

Crash Aftermath

After the Mysterious Woman was rammed into a wall by a car, and the drivers are identified as Israeli Diplomats, we hightail it out of downtown Utica to prevent getting too much camera exposure.  We meet up with Tain and head to the hospital in the hopes of interrogating one of the people in the car.  We arrive at the Hospital and use some DHS weight to get us into see the suspect.  Ralph, starts to get insistent with the guy asking for sodium pentathol from the doctor (who refuses). Then the guy clams up and asks to leave.  Millie tries a softer approach as he leaves and gets his Name, Cell # and a picture of the woman, proving they knew about her before she "accidentally" became a hood ornament. After a long day the team retires to a local Best Western.

The next morning Ralph calls in his numbers to a Swiss Bank, and finds the account is actually just a message.  "You must stop New Lindow."  Simultaneously Millie calls the [[Mossad]] Agent XXXX and gets some info from him. He seems to indicate the Mysterious Woman worked for the Vatican and that he believes the Odessa Organization is real. Before we leave, we check out Sharpie Guy's car for anything useful and find nothing useful but we call it in to anylitical anyway. Then we head back to Walter Reed in DC to under go psychological evaluation.

After the tests, we find out Analytical has determined who Sharpie Guy was: XXXX but it's a dead end. No income, a sparse house in Brooklyn somewhere, no relatives.  We did find out that he goes to Paraguay a lot (according to his passport) and we find a novelty coin that points to a tourist attraction not far from there.  That tourist attraction is aGerman sub, that was uncovered by receding waters in the area. Supposedly grounded there, and uncovered a few years after WWII it might have smuggled some Germans out.  We track down down New Lindow to a town not too far from there in Argentina.  We decide to investigate.

Becoming offical
"We're gonna get along just fine"

After a few brief tense moments where it's unclear who's safe to trust, Millie manages to make to the DC and rejoin the team. We're taken to the VP's office where some high level people great us (like senators and Judges), and we're introduced to the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney.

We get a new recruit, Tain Ash he's apparently been in the intelligence community for awhile and this is just a lateral shift for him, he's not an outsider like us.  Well two with military history, and …. Millie with lots of personality.

We fill out some paperwork and are introduced to Terry our new handler, who tells us we need to follow up on the mysterious woman and her offer.  We fly out to the meeting point  [[Utica], New York.  The meeting place is in a club in down town, there will be people all over the place, and even communication will be difficult in all the noise.

Tain goes into the club early being the only one who would be unrecognized. Deloris and Millie cover the back and side exits. Ralph comes at the appointed time and makes contact at the bar.  Millie is approached by a man in the alley, they smoke and chit chat for a bit, he goes back inside.  Ralph exchanges the fake box for an envelope (supposedly with a Swiss bank account number in it). Tain notices someone else who's interested in Ralph's conversation and starts to approach him just as the mysterious woman gets up to go.

The man watching the exchange moves to intercept Ralph as he starts following the woman towards an exit. The same man enters the ally way and starts to approach Millie. She gets freaked out and pulls her gun, intending to arrest him. As  he continues to disobey orders to lie down, stay still, or drop what he's carrying,  Millie notices that the cigarette he was holding is now a sharpie. Fearing the worst she starts shooting at him.

The mysterious woman clears out of the club as the man watching intercepts Ralph and tries to give him additional code to access the account.  Tain holds off unsure what to do, while Deloris starts following the woman down the crowded street, to ensure she doesn't get away.  Finally Ralph moves around the man, and Tain moves to intercept. He grabs the guy and holds him against the wall as Ralph runs out to the street.

Millie fatal shoots sharpie guy, but her shots are ignored as a car comes whizzing down the packed road, and crashes into the mysterious woman fatally pining her to the wall, and almost clipping Deloris. The Drivers spill out onto the road and turn out to have Israeli diplomatic passports.  Millie calls into Terry to give a situation report and he reminds her they are not to be seen on camera.

Meanwhile in the club the man Tain was holding breaks out, and starts to run. After smashing Tain’s face with the kitchen door a few times, he slips out the back and makes it away. Tain leaves out the back of the club too.

Leaving Moscow
If only it were that easy

We make it to the Moscow airport after a breif stop at the hotel to retrive our stuff.  We're looking to buy tickets and get out before anyone even knows the artifact is missing.


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